First of all, what is Voxer?

Voxer is a free, real-time, walkie-talkie app that allows us to send voice and text messages (plus files and pictures) back and forth as much as we want! You can listen to the voice messages that someone is recording, as they are speaking or, if you’re busy, check them later. Pretty cool, right? 


It’s safe, secure and a great way to get things done while still doing life…cause, who doesn’t need that flexibility?


With Voxer Coaching, you get unlimited access to me, 1:1 for a full month, any time of the day or night. I am committed to responding to your messages as quickly as possible between Monday – Friday 10am-8pm EST and Saturday 11am - 3pm EST. Vox me as much as needed, I’ve got you, girl!

This is for my Sista who is yearning and craving serious change and transformation in her life, has a big goal to achieve or some ideas she could use some support to sort out. 

This is for my Sistas who know they’re ready to take EMPOWERED action and put an end to the fear, anxiety, stress, worry and doubt that often come up when we are at the edge of our comfort zone; and she wants some hand-holding along the way.

The problem is that when you look around to see what’s available, nothing really fits.  You know you don’t want or need a DYI, home-study course, you’re not ready or don’t want a long-term coaching package and you need more than a single coaching call and, group programs and masterminds are giving you the feels either.

Girl, if this is where you find yourself, Voxer Coaching is uniquely and perfectly designed for you!


If you want support to take action quickly…

If you want someone to bounce ideas off and to check-in to make sure you’ve followed through…

If you prefer more fluid, informal coaching that you can do on-the-go…

Voxer Coaching is for you!

Here’s a secret about Voxer coaching:  you get to have that space in between messages to think, reflect, journal AND take aligned action when you feel ready. 

Isn’t that dope AF?!

I use Voxer with my Marketing Team and it works perfectly! Over the last 7 months my team and I have discussed strategies and plans, tweaked executions and keep each side abreast of what work is being done, what is up next and how everything is or isn't flowing together. It has been an invaluable tool with my private 1:1 coaching clients as well. Especially as they embark on integrating new activities into their daily lives and their will sometimes get tested. Having the luxury of pulling out there phone to get the support, encouragement, inspiration and sometimes, kick in the ass, they need is everything.


Step 1: Complete the checkout form below to claim your Voxer Coaching spot

Step 2: Download the FREE Voxer app to your Android or iPhone (also works with Chrome browser on your desk/laptops!)

Step 3: Once you have Voxer set up on your phone, email me at: for my cell # so we can connect on the app

Step 4: Start Voxing!  It’s really that quick, easy and simple!!

Order Summary
30-Day Voxer Coaching

Hey girl, I'm Chinyere!

I’m here to help guide you along the path of you unbecoming the old and played-out thoughts, habits, belief-systems and past hurts that are keeping what you don't want, active in your life.

I've been tested and prepared for this mission by professional education and a whole lifetime of personal experiences. I've been called and guided to show up fully embodied in all of my gifts to hold the sacred space for you to elevate and transform. This is a judgment-free space filled with tons of compassion, empathy and a healthy dose of “sis, get it together,” when needed (cause sometimes we need that kick in the ass). 

Through this inner journey, I have fallen back in love with myself for all of my amazingness and have more inner freedom and outer choice than I've ever experienced before. The FREEDOM I have looks and feels like:

  • Freedom from the opinions, expectations and rules that other people attempt to impose on me
  • Freedom to unapologetically create and maintain boundaries for my own physical, mental and emotional well-being
  •  Freedom to be led by my intuition and remain grounded in myself, despite what is happening in the world around me

It has been this healing journey that's called me to share the wisdom, tools and strategies I've learned. For my clients I am here to hold the sacred, energetic space for them to heal and transform. I'm here for more of us living the life we are amazed and totally in love with. I'm here for us showing up in all of our bravery, boldness, bad-ass-ness, vulnerability and truth.

  • What if I live outside of Eastern Time Zone?

My Voxer Coaching hours are Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm EST and Saturday 11am - 3pm EST; however if you live outside of EST, CST, PST, email me at and let's work out a schedule.

  • Can I start a 30-day Voxer Coaching package and pause it in the middle of the month?  

No, once the package is purchased, it’s 30 days from that date.  I believe in ease and simplicity and tracking who has X many days left is the complete opposite of that, sorry boo!

  • Do you provide refunds?

No ma’am, not on this program since you get immediate access to me via Voxer the minute you download the app and we connect.  If you aren’t sure this is for you, it’s probably best to wait. I am here for my Sistas who are a resounding HELL YES!

  • What can/should we talk about via Voxer?

We can chat about any topic related to your life, your goals, fears, anxieties, stresses, and of course, celebrate your WINS and SUCCESSES!  Whatever is important to you, I’m here to help. This is your time, and I am here to hold space for you.

A lot of people, myself included, find it helpful for "in the moment" support and when you're all set to go to the gym or attend that workout class and you start to "not feel like it" -- reach out to me on Voxer, I'll talk you through it and reminding you of what you've committed to yourself and why you made those commitments.

It's also helpful to have Voxer Coaching if you're working against a deadline and you're prone to procrastinate! How dope would it be to have someone reach out to you to check on your progress and provide that extra oomph of support, encouragement and inspiration?!

  • How is this different from a 1:1 Coaching package?

Girl, with Voxer coaching you get the best of both worlds – the ability to go about your day, doing the things you need to do AND get the support you desire to process a challenging emotion, work through a pressing issue, get quick accountability for something you want to get done now, etc.  Essentially, I’ve designed this offer to fit around YOUR life!  You can Vox me while you’re waiting for the subway, in the school drop-off/pick up line, at the grocery store or sitting at home in front of your journal.