• Ready to release what isn’t you and have the FREEDOM you deserve?
  • Ready to prioritize YOUR needs and desires equal to everyone/everything else in your life?
  • Ready to be a better mom and role model to your circle?
  • Ready to level up your business or career?
  • Ready to release the blame, guilt, shame, grief, and fear of the past and present?
  • Ready to put an end to repeating the same toxic cycles and outdated patterns of thinking and behavior that create negative results in your life?

Go ahead, say it out loud...I'm ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready to change my LIFE!


As a Black or Afro-Latina woman living in America I know who and what you are! As women of color, we have been taught to prioritize everyone and everything over ourselves as we face worldly ambitions and negative cultural, psychological, and spiritual influences.

We’ve been socialized to believe that being a "good person" means over-extending and doing what everyone wants or expects from us rather than what we truly want for ourselves. We’re constantly struggling to figure out who we are and what we want! 


I get it. It's hard AF sometimes but you've been doing it anyway–sad, broken, lonely, upset, feeling unworthy and defeated, tired, and sick and tired of being sick and tired! I see you, and I’m here to help you get through it, and become a new YOU, because what you bring to your family, our community, and the world is important and necessary! 

My name is Chinyere Williams and through self-conscious belief work, I empower Afro-Latina and Black women to trust themselves and their desires so they have inner freedom and choice. I'm here to help you let go of what is holding you back from becoming who you want and need to be in this world. It’s time to give yourself permission to be great and break FREE! 


Welcome to The Freedom Creators Mentorship Program!

It’s time to discover:


  • Who you are and who you want to be (or not be, which is more often the case)?
  • What is the truth you are really seeking (your true desires without shame, fear, worry, guilt, other people's opinions, and judgments)?
  • Why do you want what you seek? How does it serve you? How does it serve others connected to you? 


Let me help you get clear on the who, what and why! I want to share tools and strategies to help you bring it all together to facilitate healing and power from within!  


If you want to:


  • Love who you are, unapologetically
  • Experience freedom of thought, being, time, and space
  • Build confidence that speaks volumes about who you are and your capabilities 
  • Develop a softness that comes from experience without being naïve 
  • Love the beautiful life you create for positive thinking
  • Expand the areas of your life that feel lacking/stagnant/unsatisfying
  • Cultivate unshakable trust in yourself, your intuition, and the Universe
  • Embody the feeling of being limitless, courageous, resilient, and FREE


Join me today and let’s define the next chapter of your life!  

Wondering how to know if I can help you? I can help because I can relate! Because I’m trained at the Mastery Level of Transformational Coaching Method that works with subconscious beliefs and more importantly, I’ve been there! Like you, as a Black woman, I have endured many of the challenges life throws at us. Let me share a few of my truths with you sis! 



  • I was sick, tired, and ignored by doctors for 5+ years with an autoimmune condition
  • I ended an 18-year relationship and rediscovered how to love myself better
  • I quit a successful and financially lucrative 20-year corporate career to pursue a dream
  • I filed for financial bankruptcy at 43
  • I felt lost, insecure, and unsure of my next steps so many times I've lost count
  • I felt overwhelmed and wished I could give up and return to my old "safe" life
  • I lacked the confidence to speak up for myself just to "keep the peace"
  • I said “yes” when I wanted to say “no” and vice versa for so long that I didn't even know what I truly liked or wanted
  • I feel victim to gaslighting and manipulation in relationships for years

BUT I did the work! I rebuilt and reframed my life with the tools that I am here to share with you!  
Now, it’s time for you to do your work too!


If you’re feeling hesitant, unsure, overwhelmed, anxious, and maybe a little stuck. The Freedom Creators Mentorship Program is for you! I will teach you how to become: 


Empowered: Uncover your truths and reclaim your voice. Relish in your confidence and activate your innate power to release any, and all things that no longer serve this part of your journey.


Grounded: Develop emotional resilience, the ability to weather life’s biggest challenges feeling them deeply but remaining steadfast in your ability to trust that everything is working out in your favor. Surrendering to your divine intuition. Not falling so hard and getting up quicker and wiser. 


Free: Be unwavering and relaxed in the wisdom of who you are and free to choose and create your life repeatedly, on your terms, by redefining and refining as you go higher.


The Freedom Creators Mentorship is a five-month transformational, life-expanding mentorship program for women of color. 


Through this female empowerment mentorship program, you will encounter parts of yourself you’ve long forgotten or have never even met before. Ultimately, you will begin to feel more like your true self than you have in a long time, maybe ever! 


You will be pushed out of your comfort zone—that’s the only way transformation happens, Sis!


We reframe your limiting beliefs and reprogram your body with a mix of modalities that include movement, breath-work, self-expression and language using the latest in quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetic. All while we build your focus, awareness, discipline and consistency muscles.

This program creates the inner environment for you to transform into a grounded, self-trusting, intuitive, powerful Sista who flows through life with unshakable peace, courage, and resilience. It allows you to embody a level of confidence that makes you feel limitless!


  • 2hr Welcome Call – be prepared to get to work right away
  • (2) 60-90 minute 1-on-1 mentorship calls per month – uncovering, releasing and shifting old patterns, habits and belief systems. Rewiring and reframing thoughts and perceptions so you’re more easily able to take empowered action towards your desires and goals.   
  • Unlimited text/email/voice notes via Voxer for the support you need as you transform into this new version of yourself 
  • 1 Monthly, intimate group call with other Freedom Creators Mentorship clients and/or guest speakers for on-the-spot coaching, support and inspiration 

You’ve come this far, no doubt you are READY! Join us for a transformational female mentorship experience that will help you turn your life around! We’ve given you three options for this one-on-one mentorship program to make it easy for you to break the chains! 

Investment for your transformation, empowerment, and freedom:

Option 1:

One-time payment of $5,000

Option 2:

$1,000 deposit + 12 payments of $333.33

Option 3:

12 payments of $444

Before we start working together, I want to make sure we are a great match so book your call and complete the application by clicking the link below. I can’t wait to meet you girl, let’s go!


  • You don't really need this
  • You can do it on your own
  • You can't spend this much on yourself
  • You'll do it later
  • This isn't really the answer to your constant prayer for things to get better in your life


Remember, this is for YOU! You ARE ready! You DO Need this transformational experience! And it is TIME to heal and empower yourself! 


Click the button below and level up your life!


I feel as if Chinyere was an answer to my prayers!...She provided lots of recipes and guidance to give me the information I needed to rebuild my intestinal flora and eat healthy food that nourishes my body Through Chinyere's support and encouragement I learned a new lifestyle of eating and I learned how to create a meal plan that I enjoy...Thanks to Chinyere I feel healthier than I have in many years. 


I have known Chinyere for many years, and have watched her evolve into a true adviser. She is someone who understands your frustration, because she has been there. She has given me real life, no-BS advice that works for real human beings. No perfection required - just desire and discipline!