95% of your serotonin (the happy hormone) is manufactured in your digestive system. 

80% of your immune system is manufactured in your digestive system.  

Focusing on rebuilding strength in this part of your body is SMART.  

Digestion is the gateway to your health.  

By focusing on digestion, you’ll boost your immune system, lose weight with ease, feel less bloated, uncover hidden food allergies, and, most of all, digest and assimilate with ease, which means looking and feeling fabulous!


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Hey! I'm Chinyere

I’m Chinyere Williams, and I’m a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach.

I design custom health coaching programs that help my clients obtain the energy, stamina and confidence they need to achieve their biggest goals in all the areas of their lives. I’m a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and trained in programs that focus on connecting the physiology of the human body with transformational coaching.

As young adult, I watched my family struggle with chronic health problems. All the while, I too was chronically tired, ill, and unable to feel truly alive. One day, I set out to change things. I healed myself through a combination of:

  •  Mindfulness and meditation
  •  Integrative nutrition
  •  Laser-focused fitness

It was through that healing process that I realized my calling — to help others on the health journey that I had just completed.

"After speaking to a friend of mine and telling her how I was feeling she suggested that I contact Chinyere. Boy am I happy I reached out and didn’t procrastinate. HELPING BODIES HEAL changed my life forever!"


What others are saying...

"A very good friend of mine suggested I see Chinyere. I was skeptical at first. My ignorance told me, what can she tell you that you doctors haven’t? Then I realized, “Well damn, my doctors didn’t tell me anything!” Chinyere provided information that changed my life. It was as simple as understanding and knowing discomforting triggers and avoiding them. Unlike my doctors, Chinyere listened to me and provided explicit explanations as to what was happening to my body and why. Her consultation was not about me having Graves disease, it was about what my body was going through and the steps I can take to not only feel better, but be better as I develop a lifestyle of healthier living. The information she provided me week after week was like walking out of a dark cave I thought I was trapped in because some idiot told me I was, and I believed it. Now there’s no turning back. Chinyere gave me tools of knowledge. I know what to do, and more importantly, I know how to live!"


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"I had the privilege of starting to rebuild my body with Chinyere in January of 2016. I actual lost 5 pounds during the program and started to feel better. I will always be so grateful to Chinyere and how dedicated she is to helping women be more healthy. She taught me that through healthy eating I could actually heal my body. Sensible eating and being positive is the beginning of a brand new you. Good health to all!"


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"I credit Chinyere, whom I have worked with for many years, with redefining healthy eating for me. I saw her personal struggles with weight, dieting and fitness. 

Thank you, Chinyere, for helping me to see the light. My running is easier, I have more stamina, my migraines are more manageable. And I can keep up with my granddaughter!"


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